Journalism conferences


We’re compiling a database of journalism conferences and convenings taking place in 2020 – and we need your help! Some of the entries in the database are incomplete. Some of them simply haven’t released registration links or other information about the events. In some cases, we just haven’t gotten around to that entry. Either way, we’ll be working to make sure everything in the database is filled out as soon as possible.

If you notice any errors or missing information in the database, please send an email to and let us know what needs to be changed so can make the necessary updates ASAP!

Check out the database below – and the calendar below that – to see all of the conferences, convenings, summits, and events that we’ve identified.

Click here (or use the embedded form below) to let us know about any conferences we may have missed!

Conference database

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Conference calendar

Color key

NOTE: The calendar is color-coded based on the season during which each conference takes place. There are also items on the calendar labeled “Pitch deadline,” which are color-coded based on the season that the corresponding conference takes place.