Graphic illustration from the 2022 Collaborative Journalism Summit

Designed in real-time by Derrick Dent.

Keynote: Marina Walker Guevara

Marina Walker Guevara is the Pulitzer Center’s executive editor. Before joining the Center, Walker Guevara was deputy director of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). She managed two of the largest collaborations of reporters in journalism history: The Panama Papers and the Paradise Papers.

Host: mago torres, Centro Latinoamericano de Periodismo de Investigación (CLIP)

Watch the recording or read the full text of Marina’s remarks.

CIMA: How a coalition of dozens of news outlets collectively raise money to support sustainability

Speakers: Shawn Campbell, founder and general manager, CHIRP Radio; Anna DeShawn, founder and CEO, E3 Radio | The Qube; Tracy Baim, co-publisher of the Chicago Reader and founder of CIMA; and David Moran, Soapbox Productions and Organizing.
Host: Yazmin E. Dominguez, media partnerships coordinator, Chicago Reader

Recording | Slides | Transcript

Change Agents: A look inside a new podcast series

Speakers: Jesus J. Montero, Alex Torres, Huy Minh Do and Chris Aldana
Host: Judith McCray, Juneteenth Productions and DePaul University

Recording | Slides | Transcript

Medill’s social justice and local news partnerships: collaboration, investigation and education

Speakers: Josh McGhee, reporter, Injustice Watch; Courtney Kueppers, digital reporter/producer, WBEZ; Apps Mandar Bichu, graduate student, Northwestern University; Hugo Balta, owner, Latino News Network; Tim Franklin, senior associate dean, professor and John M. Mutz Chair in Local News at the Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern University
Host: Kari Lydersen, lecturer, Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern University

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Solving for Chicago, one year later

Speakers: Sam Cholke, project director, Solving for Chicago, Local Media Association; Alden Loury, Senior Editor, Race, Class and Communities, WBEZ; Dr. Evan Lyon, Illinois director for Partners in Health U.S., Chicagoland Vaccine Partnership
Host: Jim Brady, Knight Foundation

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The role of translations in collaborations

Speakers: Jesús Del Toro, director and general manager, La Raza Newspaper; Jonathan Kealing, chief network officer, Institute for Nonprofit News; Nissa Rhee, executive director and cofounder, Borderless Magazine
Host: Anthony Advincula, community + ethnic media director, Center for Cooperative Media

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Research roundtables

Speakers: Sarah Stonbely, research director at the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University; Mark Berkey-Gerard, Associate Professor, Department of Journalism, Rowan University; Elizabeth Hansen Shapiro, CEO and Co-Founder at The National Trust for Local News, Senior Research Fellow at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism; Caroline Porter, Researcher & Strategist at Ralstin

— Cross-field collaboration (Recording | Slides | Transcript)
— Collaboration between universities + journalism orgs (Recording | Slides | Transcript)
— Collaborative scaffolding + solutions journalism (Recording | Slides | Transcript)

Collaborative approaches to state government coverage in public media – Sponsored by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Speakers: Tracy Brown, Chief Content Officer, Chicago Public Media; Scott Cameron, Managing Editor, Indiana Public Broadcasting (IPB) News; Scott Canon, Managing Editor, Kansas News Service
Host: Joy Lin, Vice President, Journalism, Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Recording coming soon!

Making money beyond grants — Sponsored by The Lenfest Institute for Journalism 

Speakers: Leah Todd, Solutions Journalism Network; Mollie Kabler, Coast Alaska; Andrew Ramsammy, chief content and collaboration officer, Local Media Association; Cassie Haynes, co-executive director, Resolve Philadelphia
Host: Mary Walter Brown, CEO, News Revenue Hub

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Methods of distribution

Speakers: Tegan Wendland, editorial director, Mississippi River Basin Ag & Water Desk; Melanie Plenda, director, Granite State News Collaborative; Coburn Dukehart, multimedia director, Wisconsin Watch; Michael Crowe, Local Media Association
Host: James Frazier, Newark News + Story Collaborative

Recording | Slides | Transcript

Regional collaboration: Lessons from public media

Speakers: Kenya Young, Managing Editor for Collaborative Journalism, NPR; Adriene Hill, Managing Editor, The California Newsroom; Corrie MacLaggan, Managing Editor, The Texas Newsroom; Priska Neely, Managing Editor, Gulf States Newsroom
Host: Kathy Goldgeier, Network Hub Content Manager, NPR

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Lightning talks: 10-minute presentations about specific projects

— Tayo, a project of the Filipino Young Leaders Program, Leezel Tanglao, Melissa Palma and Mark Calaguas (Slides)
— Brit Harley and James Frazier, Newark News + Story Collaborative (Slides)
— New York and Michigan Solutions Journalism Collaborative, Jack Rosenberry (Slides)
— Open Campus, Sara Hebel (Slides)
— Democracy Day, Rachel Glickhouse (Slides)
— New Mexico Local News Collaborative, Rashad Mahmood, Diana Alba Soular and Reyes Mata (Slides)
— WHYY’s N.I.C.E., Eric Marsh and Christopher Norris
— Rural News Network’s work examining how rural Indigenous communities are addressing economic issues, Dianna Hunt, ICT

Recording | Transcript