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A collection of guides, tip sheets, and best practices for collaboration

This site is a collection of guides and workbooks created to help newsrooms design and manage effective, equitable and meaningful collaborative journalism projects in the service of communities.  If you have one to share, let us know! Email

The latest:

Thanks to support from the Rita Allen Foundation, the Center surveyed the country’s leading collaboration managers to help create a toolkit for improving collaborative efforts and addressing the most common questions we’re all trying to answer.

We’re thrilled to publish them here for you!

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A Collaborative Playbook from Solutions Journalism Network and the Reentry Project

Solutions Journalism Network is a non-profit organization whose mis-sion is to advance solutions journal-ism, the practice of reporting with equal rigor not only on challenges and problems but also on responses with a proven track record of effectiveness.

Click here to read the playbook.

Collaborative journalism workbook

Also at the 2018 Collaborative Journalism Summit, Heather Bryant of Project Facet unveiled a workbook for collaborative projects. This workbook will help you get in the weeds and think through practical considerations for your project.

Click here to access the Collaborative Journalism Workbook.

Tips for successful news publishing partnerships

With many local newsrooms trying to do more with less these days, looking outside your newsroom to partner with other local news publications can have the effect of having a larger, more diverse staff that can cover more topics, more areas of your region, and be more representative of your community.

Click here to access this guide from the News Media Alliance.

Collaborative journalism playbook

At the 2018 Collaborative Journalism Summit, the Solutions Journalism Network and Resolve Philadelphia previewed the new “Collaborative Playbook,” which is based off the work done as part of the ReEntry Project by Resolve Philadelphia. The playbook is a great high-level look at setting up a collaborative.

Click here to access The Collaborative Plavbook.

Roadmap for local news collaborations

The Bureau Local is a people-powered network setting the news agenda and sparking change, from the ground up. This brief roadmap includes information about the three basic steps to setting up a local news collaboration.

Click here to access the roadmap (PDF).

Tip sheets for collaborative journalism

The tip sheets in featured here are pulled from Dr. Sarah Stonbely’s seminal report, “Comparing Models of Collaborative Journalism,” and should provide useful advice and best-practices for each of the six collaborative journalism models studied in the report.

Click here or click the image below to view the tip sheets.