Slides & presentations

Slides from the 2019 Collaborative Journalism Summit

Below are the slides and presentations from the 2019 Collaborative Journalism Summit in Philadelphia. All of the presentations are set to “View Only,” so please make sure to contact the author(s) before copying the slides or using portions of the presentations in your own work.

If you have questions about the slides or proper usage and attribution, please contact [email protected].

Keynote: Don’t Just Engage, Equip
Darryl Holliday, City Bureau

Keynote: From competition to collaboration – at scale
Matthew Barraclough, BBC
Peter Sherlock, BBC

Collaborative Data Reporting Tools
Rachel Glickhouse, ProPublica

The Re-Entry Project and Resolve Philly
Jean Friedman-Rudovsky, Resolve Philadelphia
Cassie Haynes, Resolve Philadelphia

Solutions Journalism + Collaboration
Leah Todd, Solutions Journalism Network

Stories of Atlantic City
Mike Rispoli, Free Press
Allie Nunzi, The Leadership Studio
Evan Sanchez, This Is AC

People Over Projects: Changing Racial Narratives in Media Through Partnership
Linda Miller, American Public Media
John Hernandez, American Public Media