2020 Collaborative Journalism Summit


The 2020 Collaborative Journalism Summit is going virtual!

The 2020 Collaborative Journalism Summit is set for May 14-15 and will be conducted in place instead of in person.

We’re moving from an in-person event to an in-place event this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That means wherever you are, you’ll just need a device and an internet connection to participate! (We’re definitely not giving up on all of our plans for North Carolina, however! We fully intend to host the 2021 Collaborative Journalism Summit in Charlotte.) It’s a huge change, but one we’re getting excited about.

Click here to read a statement about this decision from our director, Stefanie Murray.

The 2020 Collaborative Journalism Summit is set for May 14–15. The Summit will be held in place instead of in person, and will feature a day-and-a-half of panels, roundtables, networking, and socializing about all things collaborative journalism. We will continue to update our roster of speakers in the coming weeks. Also, if you’re interested in sponsoring, we still have spots open! Click here for more info.

Check out the list of sponsors for the 2020 Collaborative Journalism Summit below, and keep an eye out for updates and additions as we get closer to the big day!

Interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities for the 2020 Summit?

You can send sponsorship inquiries to the Center via email at summit@collaborativejournalism.org.

NOTE: The Collaborative Journalism Summit will be conducted in place instead of in person this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As such, this page will be updated soon with sponsorship opportunities and other options for supporting the Summit’s virtual events and in-place activities. Thank you for your patience.