Collaborative visioning for the future of New Jersey news

Earlier this year, the NJ Civic Information Consortium, the Center for Cooperative Media, Free Press, and the NJ Local News Lab Fund (a partnership of the Democracy Fund, Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, and Community Foundation of New Jersey), joined forces to launch a collaborative planning effort to reimagine, strengthen, and sustain local news in ways that respond to and support community needs. We know this is more important now than ever with the pandemic shining a bright light on the impact of gaps in trusted, local news.

We are serving as the Planning Team for this effort and are convening stakeholders from throughout the state, including diverse voices, sectors, and forms of media, to create a shared vision for local news in New Jersey.

On June 16, we began to create a shared vision, priorities, and measurable results for stronger, more inclusive local news in our state.  On June 30, we refined and rounded out that vision with collaborative strategies for increasing influence and growing resources.

We also discussed how to move forward as a collaborative and what additional meetings or steps are needed. This overview provides a bit more about the role of the Vision Team role and our early thinking on how we might structure this planning process.

Basic structure of the NJ Visioning group:

The Wednesday, October 27, 2021 session began at 11am ET.

Meeting materials:

Second group session (July 21, 2021)

Initial group session (June 16, 2021)